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Living willow areas create:


Resources for learning



Reflective spaces




Wildlife habitat


Enhances the beauty of the school environment

For more info, including some examples of pricing, see leaflet below.

Does your Living willow need restorative work or reshaping?

 living willow untamed and tamed

Living Willow -

Willow that grows with your pupils











In the Spring Term, before the sap rises and willow  trees come into leaf, freshly cut branches of willow can be planted in the ground and will begin to grow leaves and form roots as the growing season gets under way.  


Willow planted in this way can  can be sculptured and structured to made dens and arches as well as hedges and mazes.


As well as being things of beauty in their own right which create shade in the summer and are a habitat for wildlife, these also provide a great  resource for the school.


Each winter the last years growth can be harvested for willow-making projects within the school. (please see the "Teaching Teachers" section of the Website) Furthermore yearly  children can explore  how weaving the new branches different ways effects the overall shape and structure of the sculpture.


(NB Living willow needs to be in open ground in good sunshine )

The living willow window is from February - March.

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Visit my Living Willow ON-line course with Udemy: 

Wayside Willow

Chaz Friend

Wayside Willow Logo Original-06
view inside a new living willow tunnel
Living willow tunnel and arbour in its first summer
living willow dome newly installed
Living willow tunnel and arbour just installed
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