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Wayside Willow

Chaz Friend

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Staff Meetings

Workshop 1 - (1 - 2 hours)

Basic Willow Weaving Techniques


Exploring willow as a material - getting a feel for its versatility and learning key weaving techniques.  Then exploring the way these can be applied to art and craft  ideas and how it may support other areas of the curriculum.  

Workshop- 2 ( 2 hours) Developing Willow Weaving Techniques


Building on Workshop 1, applying basic skills to create items that are more complex.

Then spending some time discussing and planning application of willow techniques with pupils.

Design and Make

(1 - 2 hours)


Following though from ideas to final product and evaluation, a creative session working with willow to make an original item.

Teachers can work individually, with Year group partners, or as collaborative groups.    


(Whole Day)


Blending all the above elements to enable teachers to be able to work with pupils developing willow weaving skills and ideas.


Alternatively staff could learn the basic techniques and then design a larger willow piece or pieces that they create to install at the school. (some ideas of final outcomes would need to be identified prior to the day)  

Teachers learning willow skills
Teachers learnig willow skills

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