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      I am prepared to bring my courses

    to you to be carried out in your

    garden or  another suitable open

   space. Participants will be limited to

   the very maximum of 5, but there

   must be sufficiant space to

   accommodate those numbers.  







Social Distancing Courses


If there is no under cover space sufficient to maintain distancing, the course day can be moved, until suitable weather arrives!

Whole day courses

such as Basket making courses:

Price per person

nunber of Participants :

1 = £150

2 = £100

3 = £90

4 = £80

5 = £70


Any deposits or course fees already paid, can be used as part payment for one of these courses.

Deposits of around 20% of total fee need to be paid to book  a day, but full payment needs to be cleared in my account before the day of the course. 

Two Hour courses

such as obelisk  course:

Price per person

nunber of Participants :

1 = £65

2 = £45

3 = £40

4 = £35

5 = £30

Risk Assessment

(to be carried out at the venue before the activity can commense)

1/ Is there 2m space available between each participants seat?

2/ Is there 2m passing space for movement within the area?

3/ Have seating and surfaces been washed down with soapy water prior to course? (venue providers responsibility)

4/ Do all participants have face masks?

4/ Have all tools been steam cleaned prior to course?

5/ Are there sufficiant toolks for the number of participants without sharing?

6/ Are toilet facilites accesible in a safe way?

Other course possibilities- 

whole day-

small back pack

Garden day (obelisk + flower, or  butterfly or garden edging)

2 hour courses:

fruit bowl




NB -Travel charge of 50p per mile will also need to be added to the price of the course.