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These workshops provide children with engagement with  willow craft skills at a level they can access, while providing resources for the school to use which  enhance the school environment, increasing that invaluable sense of ownership that the children feel for its environment.

These workshops can be carried inside in large spaces such as a hall or outside if the weather permits.  

Garden obelisks

These plant suppors  can be built by 2- 4 children working together in

collaboration, fostering cooperation and communication skills.

After the technique is  learned, it can be used to make scaled versions in the

classroom. experimenting with various materials.

Twenty or more obelisks should be able to be made in a day, working with 4



Fencing sections:

This key willow weaving skill is easily picked up by children, with suitable

adult support. Low fencing strips can be made to enhance borders in the

garden or within school. Alternatively larger panels can be made to create

sections within the school grounds.

This technique  has been used for centurioes, but is often associated

particularly with the tudor period.

garden decorative fence

Course rates per day - including willow,  working  with up to 3 classes  -  £650



Wayside Willow

Chaz Friend

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Garden willow Workshops 

              Leading new learners to ancient craft skills.

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