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Artsmart for the Artsmark?


Criteria from the Artsmark Documents:


   Artsmark Part 1 application criteria questions 2014/2015

(   Primary, secondary and multiphase)


   1.4 Working with artists and arts organisations

   At least one opportunity is provided for all students in  

    every year group to work with or visit an arts organisation

    or artist


    Artsmark Part 2 application criteria questions 2014/2015

(    Primary, secondary, pupil referral units and special



   2.8 Staff skills development

   Describe how you ensure that your staff team are

   individually and collectively skilled in the arts


   2.8 Gold

   Additional question for Artsmark Gold    

   How has engaging with professional artists and/or arts    

   organisations impacted positively on staff and their  



    2.9 Community

    How do you share your progress, activities and    

    achievements with the community?

Demonstrations and Talks


Let me explain to children the processes I go through in making a piece a work from ideas to drawings and models before the full scale piece is created.  

Workshop Activities


Explore the techniques of making  by creating individual pieces made from willow

Designing and making


Once the basic techniques are grasped, design, make and evaluate a willow creation.  

Teacher CPD


INSET days or staff meeting sessions for staff to learn willow techniques and applications, which can then be used in a range of curriculum areas, making good use of possible onsite resources.

(see "Teaching Teachers" tab for more details)

Extended Development


Book 6 sessions through the year working with targetted groups of pupils developing their understanding and skills in a deeper way.  

Art in the Community


Work through some of the above processes to produce a willow sculpture to be sited in a local public space, supporting local interests.  


Wayside Willow

Chaz Friend

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