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Words and Music

My Writing story:


In the beginning...

  I began writing seriously at the age of 17 when I was stuck out in this little village out in the countryside with no friends in the area. I picked up a pen and an old exercise book and wrote.

  Through out my life I have kept coming back to this and have written all kinds of stories, though it's fair to say most of them never got finished.  As a full time teacher I found that there was just no time at all with all the demands of preparation, planning and marking to write except at Easter, christmas and the Summer holiday.  When I had carried something for a couple of years plodding on and adding bits to it in those time and then read it back, I would find that the style would change in the gaps. I just got so frustrated with it all, I gave up.

Eventually ...

  I left school teaching in 2013, and I began to dabble in writing again.  I've had some pieces published in a couple of anthologies published by Sputnik, but it has been very sporadic. Basically I was thinking that writing is just a little side hobby and that I was not good enough to ever get published.

And then...

During this pandemic and lockdown peried of 2020, I set myself a writing challenge: I set myself the goal of writing for at least an hour a day, and to hold myslef accountable to that, published on Facebook. That challenge has now passed and I have suceeded in what I set out to do. I wrote some 26000 words during that period. I often wrote for a lot more than an hour a day. Where things were growing in length, I wrote it in a number of parts posting one each day. I wrote poems and stories, a song and biography.  I loved it!

And now...

I am giving myself to my writing much more wholeheartedly and leaning out towards publication. I am making a compillation of my poetry over the years as well as continuing to write new material. I am working on a novel for young adults I started a couple of years ago and I am writing an autobiographical account of my  artist journey.

It runs in the family...

My brother has been writing songs and producing albums since the early 1970s.

Check out his website here:

I have had the pleasure to join him in the Studios on a few occasions and have been able to play on a number of his albums.

heres a link to Norweigen Wood, which was on his Tribute album (Once Upon A Song There Was A Time)


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Chaz playing guitar being recorded for Terry Friend's CD

Below: picture of me in the Recording Studio, recording Norwegian Wood.

Welcome to my new writing page. 

I hope you find something that sparks some interest.

I will  build more content and add more links to other styles of writing content.



Ebook out soon!


The story of my Artists journey will soon be coming out as an ebook.

This charts the ups and downs of my travel towards acknowledging this vital part of my identify

Contact me to register interest in that.

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